What is Trade Delivery?

Trade Execution Optimization + Seamless On-time Delivery Experience

Our software is built to optimize delivering on your contract goals - on-time delivery of quality products to the customer and profitability. That's Trade Delivery.

Until TradeLanes, software to support global trade execution - like Global Trade Management software - has been focused on the wrong goals.  Our Trade Delivery Platform was built to deliver.  With TradeLanes, you'll focus on the right goals:

  1. Speed up your trade-to-cash cycle while providing customers a seamless, e-commerce buying experience.
  2. Gain financial control.  100% visibility into inventory, rates, and pricing = control.
  3. Optimize COGS. View and manage inventory in real time to manage costs.
  4. Reduce admin costs. Automation replaces hours of manual work and rework
  5. Re-focus on customers.  With freed time, your team can focus on delivering strategic value to customers. 

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Why Trade Delivery?

Global trade is a world of exceptions. On a typical day, trade execution team members each handle more than 10 shipments a day, with an average of 40-50 tasks per shipment. Each task represents a risk of not executing a shipment on time. That’s more than 400 tasks (i.e. - risks) per week.

TradeLanes automates the 90% tasks that are transactional (data entry, proofing, booking, etc.) while providing full visibility to all parties to the transaction and data and analytics to your decision makers.  By automating these tasks, execution teams free up their time to focus on the 10% of exceptions that add strategic value for their customers.

This means trade is faster, easier, and more profitable.

That's smarter trade.

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Whoever delivers to the customer on-time wins the business. That’s the discipline it takes to win in global trade. That’s trade delivery.