Who Should Use TradeLanes

Merchants and traders that already understand the urgent need to harness technology to compete and win in global trade are ready for TradeLanes.

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And, TradeLanes can transform your organization's trade execution operations if you are experiencing any of the following:

If logistics teams are:

  • Forced to manage by exception, instead of by strategic importance
  • Using Excel spreadsheets to manage operations
  • Still using paper-based process and/or don’t measure or track the cost impact of paper
  • Manually re-keying data from system to system
  • Experiencing document discrepancies/spending time on document changes
  • Making decisions by gut, without real-time information and insights
  • Making bookings by phone or without the support of options by origin/destination pair
  • Not able to find the time to deliver a pleasant, easy customer experience

If managers are:

  • Accepting on-time delivery exceptions as a given
  • Unable to add more volume without adding resources: growth is hindered
  • Challenged with delivering on product quality
  • Lacking insight into best financial decisions
  • Missing numbers
  • Concerned about maintaining margin

If your customers:

  • Are frustrated with late shipments
  • Do not have visibility into their cargo delivery
  • Would easily switch vendors for a better price

Any merchant or trader that is experiencing any of these "usual" operational challenges and recognizes the need for change to grow your business, please reach out.

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Ideal Company Profile

Our cIients are large-to-medium companies that buy and sell internationally in large B2B container-based transactions. They operate from, and trade with, any country in the world. Most operate without freight forwarders; but TradeLanes also supports operations with freight forwarders.