TradeLanes Global Trade Delivery Solutions

TradeLanes brings your global trade online, into one easy system that allows all parties to collaborate at every stage of the shipment.

Start shipments, work from one digital set of data and documents with all parties, book your vendors, track your progress, and analyze and report – without a single paper.


Intelligent Contracts

Generate and edit contracts, set rules, and auto-populate future documents.

Inventory Allocation

Allocate inventory and know position risk in real-time, as you price contracts.

Bookings Management

View rates and schedules and book transportation online  directly.

Vendor Collaboration

Connect with suppliers directly and easily without the calls and emails.

One Shared Online Record

Collaborate with all parties using one shared data set.

Digital Documents

Eliminate paper, manual data entry, and errors. Save hours every day.

Shipment Tracking

Track your shipments from supplier to customer delivery.

Status Notifications

Receive notifications of every shipment event in your supply chain.

Detailed Reporting

Create, distribute, and review reports regarding all aspects of your supply chain and shipments.

Decision Analytics

Make better decisions with full visibility and analytics.

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Execute Efficiently
  • Do more with less
  • Eliminate errors + rework
  • Refocus staff on customers
Deliver Effectively
  • Streamline communications
  • Manage deliveries, not papers
  • Improve quality + service
Manage Risk
  • Know inventory position
  • Understand freight position
  • Optimize COGS + pricing
Optimize Costs
  • Manage complex contracts
  • Compare vendors + rates
  • Manage margins effectively