Making global trade easy.

We are a technology company dedicated to transforming the future of global trade.

Our mission is to power frictionless global trade for all. We see a world where the global economy is open to everyone without barriers or borders, where all people can have  easy access to all markets regardless of size or location.

The first step is to erase the difficulty and hassle of global trade. We apply advanced technology and machine learning to make it easier, faster, and more profitable for exporters to get their products delivered overseas.

We developed a SaaS platform that brings global trade operations entirely online - from generating the contract, to allocating inventory, to booking a shipment, to delivery. Our system allows all parties to collaborate digitally, from one set of data and documents.

We help our clients deliver on-time, every time.

That is the TradeLanes Trade Delivery promise.

Our History

It took us 5 years to figure out and build the exact right solution for traders, producers, and large shippers. And now we’re ready to help you win in trade.


TradeLanes Idea is Hatched

Our CEO meets small manufacturer that turned down $1 MM contract because of the export docs. He then learns one of the Top 10 global exporters shared some of the same problems. The idea was hatched.


Nailing the Need

We hear that that there's not a software solution that's right - so we resolve to solve the real problem. We call 1,000s of target exporters to deeply understand barriers in getting goods to customers, profitably and on-time.


TradeLanes Platform 1.0

With a deep understanding of the market and engineers hired, we start our Minimal Viable Product, still spending 1 day a week with prospects to make our product fit our future customers.


Beta Product for Ag, Awards

We pilot our MVP with 1 of the top 4 Global Agriculture Merchants. We win the support of Plug+Play Logistics Platform + Techstars Farm-to-Fork with Cargill/Ecolab.


Results for Top Exporters

With a strong product, an advisory board of experts, and a growing team, TradeLanes partners with 5 of the world’s largest agricultural exporters to streamline the future of trade execution.


Spearheading the Future of Trade

We’ve spearheaded a new world for global trade – focused on trade delivery – helping our clients get their products to their customers faster + more profitably, creating deep sighs of relief for logistics teams.

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