Logistics software designed for a new era of global trade

Remember the golden age of global trade?

Between 2001 and 20015, container logistics was smooth sailing. Trade surged at 11% annually, fueled by the "Just-in-Time" (JIT) model. Every cog in the machine was perfectly oiled for swift, efficient delivery. But in 2015, things took a new route... pardon the pun

Constant disruption since 2015

Disruptions have become an unwelcome yearly tradition. We've seen California port shutdowns, collapsing shipping giants, trade wars, a global pandemic that put a chokehold on everything, and even a giant ship wedged sideways in a canal (seriously!).  These weren't blips – they're the new normal.

Welcome to the new era of container trade. Traditional systems aren't built for this. Buckle up and adapt - this new world of container shipping ain't for the faint of heart.

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Our mission

TradeLanes is a technology company that builds global trade infrastructure. Our mission is to increase the GDP of global trade conducted on the internet. 

Businesses of every size — from individual producers to public companies — use our software to execute international sales, coordinate logistics to move their goods and generate documents to collect payment.

Our vision

We exist to enable economic growth by removing barriers from global trade.

By removing "valueless inefficiencies" (i.e. - barriers) from the global trade supply chain, we see a day when a coffee farmer sells her beans for more and the roaster buys them for less - everyone benefits. The farmer puts more money in her pocket, can hire more folks to grow her business and this increases the standard of living in her local community.

As the global trade industry faces heightened challenges, it is more important than ever to have a platform that can adapt and provide you with the agility and resilience needed to navigate these obstacles.

That’s where TradeLanes comes in.


About Tradelanes

The shift to agility and resilience

In the past, global trade has been primarily about optimization and cost savings. Today, global supply chains are facing increasing volatility and uncertainty - from natural disasters to geopolitical events, companies need agility and resilience more than ever before.

We designed TradeLanes to help companies navigate these unpredictable conditions by providing real-time insights and automation capabilities that enable them to quickly and efficiently react to changing circumstances. We searched for a way to combine all aspects of global trade execution - from bookings to customs documentation - into one platform, streamlining processes and reducing manual work.

In the end, we created a world-class, innovative solution for global trade execution that could handle every aspect of the trade process.

History Timeline

With global disruptions constantly hitting the supply chain, the era of agile and resilient trade is upon us. TradeLanes is at the forefront, ready to navigate through the uncertainty and drive success for global traders.


Our CEO meets small manufacturer that turned down $1 MM contract because they did not know how to complete export docs. TradeLanes was born. At the same time, California Port Strike and Hanjin bankruptcy create supply chain chaos.


TradeLanes develops industry expertise by spending thousands of hours onsite with export teams learning daily operations, watching the magic happen by spreadsheet. Trade tensions between the US and China create trade disruptions.


Our first enterprise pilots for the TradeLanes platform are conducted, built with feedback from industry leading export teams - documentation specialists and logistics coordinators. The US pulls out of TPP, increasing global trade uncertainty.


TradeLanes piloted with 1 of the top 4 global agriculture merchants and won support from Plug+Play Logistics Platform + Techstars Farm-to-Fork with Cargill/Ecolab. Global trade policies continue to create uncertainty for exporters.


TradeLanes experiences exceptionally high growth - grows customer base, hires new team members and secures first round of institutional venture capital funding to fuel that growth.


TradeLanes launches shipping's first ever Survey of Exporters: Disruptions & Costs to Earliest Return Date showing that ERD delays cost on average $1,000 per shipment for most exporters. 


The pandemic supply chain crisis is at an all time high. Increasingly rapid demand for the TradeLanes platform leads to investments that make TradeLanes more accessible across an expanding customer base with a global market footprint.


TradeLanes 2.0 takes shape.... Stay tuned for more updates soon...

Meet the industry experts behind TradeLanes

At TradeLanes, our team is made up of experts in global trade execution, logistics, technology and finance. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand the challenges companies face in international trade and have developed innovative solutions to streamline the process.

Vijay Harrell
CEO & Founder
Diane Chick
Head of Customer and Product Operations
Danielle Russell
Head of Product

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