How Changes to Earliest Return Date Are Affecting Exporters: Research Findings

The costs and disruption related to ERD changes are presenting special challenges to an already embattled industry. Inaccurate, undependable, and changing Earliest Return Dates present a threat to operations and to the bottom line.

As part of our regular research series, TradeLanes partnered with AgTC (Agricultural Transport Coalition) to survey commodities shippers nationwide to better understand the scope, character, and cost of the ERD problem.

Our research found that ERD is a costly issue for an overwhelming majority of respondents, problematic enough that 92% of respondents want to pursue industry action. The problem presents itself from the booking stage forward: over 75% of respondents report that their carrier bookings do not even have an ERD listed every time. Problems are diverse – with issues varying dramatically  by geography and carrier. 

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