Export Management Platform

Simplify your export processes with TradeLanes

TradeLanes has been built to simplify the capture and validation of data required for your container shipments. With schedules changing all the time, TradeLanes makes it easy to adapt to such changes without missing a beat.

  • Reduce administrative costs by up to 35%
  • Reduce cycle times by up to 3 days
  • Reduce errors and documentation discrepancies
  • Handle any schedule change without stress
Product Page Image
Product Page Image

Leading agribusinesses rely on TradeLanes:


Manage Sales Orders and Contracts

Capture contractual obligations to your buyers

  • Capture order confirmation details
  • Plan demand to meet your contractual obligations
  • Coordinate order fulfillment

Coordinate bookings and manage containers

Plan and execute pre-booking activities

  • Plan inventory allocation
  • Send out booking requests directly with Ocean Carriers (98% of carriers)
  • Capture booking confirmation via EDI (no manual data entry)
  • Collaborate with your Freight Forwarder with our Forwarder Portal
  • Collaborate with your Drayage carrier through our Drayage Portal

Maximize Load Capacity

Manage pre-loading steps

  • Allocate inventory based on booking confirmations
  • Coordinate empty container pickup
  • Capture loading and packing instructions and coordinate container loading
  • Collaborate with your loading partners with our Container Loading Portal
  • Send out shipment notices with schedule updates to customers

Get your shipment ready to sail

Execute pre-sailing steps

  • Submit all required documentation on-time for document and cargo cut dates
  • Send shipment instructions to the carrier or freight forwarder
  • Confirm receipt of full containers at port terminal
  • Confirm receipt of bill of lading
  • Send draft documents to buyer for initial approval

Manage post-sailing activies

Prepare required documentation, certificates, and invoices

  • Apply for any required certificates
  • Auto-validate documentation packages with 99.5% accuracy
  • Send final documents to buyer for approval in a secure digital document room
  • Reconcile invoices from 3rd party vendors

Complete pre-arrival steps

Manage shipment completion and settlement

  • Confirm payment from buyer
  • Automatically send final shipment update notice up to 7 days after vessel arrival


Make sure everybody uses the latest data

TradeLanes brings together all shipment-related data into a single, secure platform, fostering collaboration among all internal and external stakeholders. With TradeLanes, you can trust that everyone is working with the latest, accurate data, eliminating the need for endless calls and email confirmations. Experience efficient collaboration and eliminate data discrepancies with TradeLanes.



Don’t change your existing process

TradeLanes respects your existing process and makes it more efficient. It is designed to be flexible and customizable, adapting to your specific needs. No more workarounds and inefficient shortcuts.


Secure your shipment data

Access your data in a secure cloud platform.

  • Access your data 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Data privacy ensures that only authorized parties can access what you want
    them to see.
  • Data loss prevention is built into TradeLanes.

Customer support

Legendary support for exporters by exporters

  • TradeLanes has you covered, no matter what challenges you may encounter.
  • Our support helps with any technical questions, and
  • Our subject matter experts can give you guidance on best practices using TradeLanes.

Simplify your exports now.

It’s time to move off the spreadsheets and paper and join the leading agribusiness that are growing their export businesses with TradeLanes.