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Prevent extra costs caused by vessel schedule changes

green-check-mark-circular-tick-16215Instant notifications when vessel schedules change

green-check-mark-circular-tick-16215Carrier In-Gate Pass to avoid delays caused by conflicting data from terminals and carriers

green-check-mark-circular-tick-16215Dynamic Time Buffers to plan reliable drop-off schedules based on carrier performance

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The Problem

Tired of chasing vessel schedule changes

that cause gate appointment stress

and costly per diem invoices?


Vessel schedule roulette

You never know when the next change will occur, but keep checking the ocean carrier and terminal websites.
Stares blankly, clicking refresh on the carrier website for the 17th time


Conflicting vessel data

Carrier website says this. Terminal website says that. Stuck in customer service limbo, getting side-eye from drayage.
Can someone please tell me what the schedule is already?


Carrier (un)Reliability?

Poor carrier updates make customer communication stressful and incomplete data prevents effective planning.
Call me, maybe?

The Solution

Get ahead with instant vessel schedule updates

to minimize pre-sailing costs

and ensure on-time cargo drop-offs.


Get Advanced Alerts

2-4 hours difference between TradeLanes alert and vessel schedule update from carrier

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Eliminate In-Gate Disorder

time saved from having to reschedule gate appointments with validated proof from ocean carriers


Reduce Per Diem

reduce Per Diem 20-30% with data-driven shipment planning

Solution Image 1 - 5 hrs faster

Auto Track Vessel Schedules

Instant vessel schedule updates sent to your inbox

  • Get ahead of deadlines (data is fresh)
  • Save valuable time (we check hourly)
  • Proactively ensure smooth cargo drop-offs
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Validated In-Gate Appointments

Carrier verified "In-Gate Pass"

  • Verified cargo windows with validated proof from the ocean carrier
  • Dispatch drayage faster with documents they can in-gate with
  • Reduce cargo drop-off delays at the terminal
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Data Driven Cargo Receiving Windows

Cargo receiving window estimates based on carrier performance

  • Plan freight capacity based on data-driven insights
  • Estimated ERDs and CY Cuts based on historical performance by carrier
  • Minimize missed deadlines due to unreliable carrier communications

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