Deliver more shipments, on-time, at a better margin

With the TradeLanes Trade Delivery Platform.

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Our advanced technology connects all parties to a trade transaction digitally, eliminating the manual processes needed to buy, sell, and deliver in global markets; ensuring data integrity across all parties to a transaction; helping you make smarter decisions; minimizing the number of exceptions; and accelerating the trade-to-cash cycle.

Contracts + Product Quality

Our platform centers each trade on delivering on the contract goals: getting quality product to the customer, on-time, and profitably. 


  • Contract creation
  • Customer playbooks automate workflow on contract terms
  • Contract management
  • Product quality specs + verification
  • Inventory allocation leverages origin/destination pairs to optimize COGS
  • COGS optimization via inventory + route optimization + pricing
  • Real-time rates + pricing views in contract mode

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Digital Documentation

Integrated, digital document generation eliminates manual entry. Changes to bookings or documents - like a splitting shipment - take minutes, not hours.

  • Documents online
  • Third-party certificates
  • Compliance for all ports
  • Risk management
  • Shared dashboard

Smarter Logistics

Managing logistics in real-time in one collaborative platform reduces risk, speeds the process, and helps teams manage by exception.

  • Online collaboration
  • Shipment management
  • Carrier cost comparison
  • Route optimization
  • e-Bookings
  • Integrated loading
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Performance Analytics

Collecting information at every step, the rich data environment delivers analytics  to drive better performance and proactively minimize risk.

  • Data accessibility
  • Insights
  • Automated recommendations
  • Customer analysis
  • Margin analysis

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