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Intelligent Trade Contracts: The What, Why, and How

As logistics teams around the country struggle with finding equipment, getting bookings, and managing costs, are your tech and improvement initiatives on hold? Or are you among the companies that see now as the right time to double down and protect your margins for the future?  

If you’re in that lucky 2nd camp, Intelligent Trade Contracts (ITCs) – whether integrated with your CTRM or ERP or used on their own – are one of the newest tech tools to check out. 

Dairy, grain, meat, and other commodity shippers around the country are using ITCs to take control of their costs, quality, risk, and speed.

ITCs are:

·       providing critical, real-time cost insights at the pricing stage to ensure that you’re pricing in cost risk,

·       automating workflow to deliver to contract goals, including product quality and product verification, and

·       delivering ROI on the technology spend.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can find our whitepaper here. Or just email me and we'll get it to you.

And if you’re interested in discussing further how ITCs might help your operations, would love to connect.