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Trade Documents: The Currency of Trade

Your trade documents are probably the single most important thing to get right across your entire trade execution process. They control the global flow of information amongst key parties. In the end, they are the documentary evidence that certain events have taken place - and they get you paid.

And yet, despite this, most companies we've met are still not getting their documents right. They're using manual process, re-keying data, working in silos on paper, and finding that accuracy and speed are a big problem. Meanwhile leaders in the industry have said goodbye to paper and caught up to the year 2021.

APEC estimates that between 4-14% of the cost of a trade can be recaptured by JUST going to paperless trade. We've seen saving even greater than that with our customers.

If you are conducting ANY aspect of your trade documents offline, we're LONG overdue for a conversation. Connect with us at hello@tradelanes.co - or sign up for a demo and learn how to shave up to 6 hours off your document preparation time.

(For fun, well show you how to split or roll a shipment and generate a new doc set in under 1 min!)

And here's a bit more about our offering: we make documentation simple - so you can work faster, eliminate re-keying with integrated data from your templates, and never worry about accuracy again. Not only that you can collaborate with the parties to a trade at any time during the process - so if someone is out on vacation, you won't feel a thing. 

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